I have a Dell Latitude 3540 with Lubuntu 20.04 LTS. Possibly similar to Make PulseAudio prefer external audio device and Internal microphone doesn't work when using headphones, I bought a pair of earbuds with microphone, plugged them in, and... nothing. So then I went into Mixer settings (pavucontrol-qt) and selected the Headphones (unplugged) and presto, they work just fine. Still says they are unplugged though. Tried plugging them in several more times, but they were never auto-detected. They work, but I must manually pick Headphones (unplugged) when inserted, and reset to Speakers when removed.

Looking for a solution to auto-detect, I came across the linked articles, which Sam's answer says to add load-module module-switch-on-connect to /etc/pulse/default.pa. That line is already in there, and the file exists as /usr/lib/pulse-13.99.1/modules/module-switch-on-connect.so :

### Use hot-plugged devices like Bluetooth or USB automatically (LP: #1702794)
.ifexists module-switch-on-connect.so
load-module module-switch-on-connect

Now this isn't an audio device being inserted, just a pair of headphones, so may not apply. PulseAudio should be able to detect and switch on headphones being inserted... any idea why it's not, and how to correct it?

Note: One thing I forgot to mention, I have jack, jackd1 and jackd2 installed and working well to route signals. No issues with jack and it is not running.

  • Is module-switch-on-port-available loaded? Check with pactl list short modules. – Takkat Jul 12 at 20:23
  • Yes it is loaded according to pactl. – rdtsc Jul 12 at 22:59

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