I just upgraded to 12.04 through Upgrade Manager and the system is now unusable (after a fresh install of 11.10 had been working perfectly for 4 months.) When I log in, the icons on the Unity menu do not load. When I open the Unity menu using the Windows key, I can search and see results but again the icons do not appear. The top bar only displays my user name and the other icons appear only as 'Xs'. Most importantly, I cannot move the pointer using my trackpad or wireless USB mouse. The window switching menu does not appear when I press Ctrl+Shift so I have no way to get into the terminal to try any troubleshooting. I realize 12.04 just came out today but has anyone else experienced problems like this?

Hardware: HP Pavilion laptop. Intel Centrino processor, Intel graphics.

  • Can you add the hardware specs to the question, and by the way, try ctrl-alt-t for a terminal. – mikewhatever Apr 27 '12 at 5:30

Had the same problem

after some browsing I found out that the upgrade was only partially done. Apparently some programs add blank lines in their package description breaking the apt-get tool. (In my case it was bricscad, I read similar things about lexmark drivers)


sudo apt-get -f install

if it gives an errormessage complaining about blank lines in files, edit these files (delete the blank lines) afterwards you can run

sudo apt-get upgrade

to complete the upgrade

  • Thanks for the help but my problem is that I can't interact with the terminal. It opens in the upper left corner (partially of the screen even) as an inactive window and I cannot move the cursor over the window to activate it. The window switching menu also will not open. – Matt Apr 27 '12 at 13:48

I expirienced the same problem as you, Matt. I could not enter anything in terminal.

I solved it, by entering the GRUB boot menu (hitting the esc button), "e" on the first entry. then "e" on the second row (I guess it was the longest one :-)) and removed "quiet splash" at the end, and added "text" instead.

This way it started in text mode, which enabled me to issue the commands provided by Bert (Thanks!!).

But in my case, I had to reboot before "sudo apt-get upgrade", because the network driver did not work. After reboot I finished with ".. upgrade" and another reboot let me enter my new Ubuntu 12.04 :-)

Maybe this will help you!

  • Well I had given up and reinstalled 11.10 from my Live CD but I will try to upgrade again and do what you said if I have the same problem. Thanks for the tip. I'll let you know how it goes! – Matt Apr 28 '12 at 14:28

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