I have a repository that is very large, and has a very large number of sub-directories and files. When I attempt to open a single subdir of the repository with Atom (which is 13MB), it will crash repeatedly.

I don't get any helpful logs in the nohup.log and the crash log doesn't show anything helpful either.

When I tried opening the repo in VS Code I get this message:

"Visual Studio Code is unable to watch for file changes in this large workspace" (error ENOSPC)

And it sends me to this error message page link. It is also able to actually open and display the files I'm looking at.

Is there a way to get atom to not index all the files in the repo and to only focus on a limited subset of files so it doesn't crash trying to index everything?

Is there a way to tell atom to only focus on the files in the subdir that I am opening?

Alternatively, is there a way to tell Atom not to index everything automatically and instead have it refresh the file explorer only when I tell it to, such as manually hitting a file explorer refresh button? (this is the behavior of VS Code with large repos)

  • How is this question Ubuntu related? Both, Atom and VSCode, will ignore files in your VCS ignore-files (e.g. .gitignore). – idleberg Jul 13 at 6:29
  • What other stack exchange do you suggest I post this to? I thought here might be best because it's specifically happening on my computer that is running ubuntu, and I have no other way of checking if it happens on another OS that supports Atom because the repo is proprietary (work related). Also I don't want to edit the git ignore every time I edit a different subdirectory. I wasn't sure if there was even a way to tell atom not to index everything automatically and have it manually refresh the file explorer when I tell it to (that's what VS code does for large repos). – Wimateeka Jul 13 at 11:46
  • Probably Super User – idleberg Jul 14 at 12:17

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