I want to use Synaptic Package Manager to search for a keyword and list all packages that contain that keyword in the name or description of the package. I can search for keywords in synaptic, but this shows both installed and not installed packages in a list. How can I search for a package, and only list ones that are installed? When I click status and list all installed packages, and then try to search, I only get the same list with both installed and not installed packages.

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    The answer I got below worked. I installed "apt-xapian-index", and restarted synaptic. Now when I went into status and showed installed packages I can use the quick filter to only show installed packages containing my search word. Super helpful! – greenGrass Jul 10 at 9:14

You need to install one extra package -

sudo apt-get install apt-xapian-index

to get Quick filter field between Properties and Search buttons

search and status in synaptic

and then restart Synaptic.

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