I want to Try out a few versions of Linux in some Live USB's, and Don't know a way to make the persistent partition in the main computer/HDD(in a different partition, of course) instead of in the live USB itself. But, is it possible? if so, How? (I use a windows 10) trying to use my work PC with windows as a Linux with live USB with persistent partition:)

thank you very much!


Make a Live USB with the persistent partition in main, internal Hard Drive.

  • A Persistent USB will use the first Persistent partition it sees. Usually a persistent partition on the internal HDD is first.

  • The Persistent partition needs to be an ext partition, say ext4.

  • The partition should be labelled casper-rw, (Labelling it writable is optional for 20.04).

  • A second Persistent partition labelled home-rw can be used for home data and settings.

  • The casper-rw partition will not work with another version of 'Buntu, a home-rw partition will.

  • The word persistent should also be added to the linux line in grub.cfg:

    linux ($root)/casper/vmlinuz boot=casper quiet splash fsck.mode=skip persistent --

  • You can also choose to boot multiple ISO files, each with it's own persistence files. For reference see:

20.04 booting .iso from GRUB menu

In your case the grub boot loader can be on external USB drive. A mkusb persistent drive uses GRUB 2, the menu can be modified to work.


Booting a different Persistent USB in the computer will try to use the Persistent partition. If it contains a different version of Ubuntu It may corrupt the casper-rw partition, (but not a home-rw partition).

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  • thank you, Casper! I'm sorry, but I am a complete noob in Linux. So just to clarify, I should: 1:make an ext4 partition I'm my HDD named:casper-rw, and, 2:when I boot my live USB, in the terminal, run: linux ($Root)/casper/MyPcName boot=casper quiet splash fsck.mode=skip persistent -- ??? Is that right? again, sorry for my lack of knowledge! one more thing, what is:grub.cf???? sorry, I have no idea! thanks again, for your help! – code geek Jul 13 at 18:27
  • What tool did you use to make your Live USB? The method is a little different for each one. Rufus is probably easiest. see askubuntu.com/questions/1257741/ubuntu-on-a-live-usb/…. After creating the casper-rw partition on your HDD, Rufus will use it when the USB is booted on that computer. It will use the Persistent partition on the USB when booted on a different computer. You can make the persistent partition on the USB a NTFS data partition if you like. The persistent partition on the USB will be named "casper-rw" or "writable" depending on the version of Ubuntu. – C.S.Cameron Jul 14 at 2:01
  • Thank you soo much C.S.Cameron! it worked! thank you for your time, and help! cheers! – code geek Jul 14 at 15:08
  • @code geek: I have added info on home-rw partitions and a warning about booting USBs with different versions of 'Buntu. – C.S.Cameron Jul 15 at 4:52
  • thank you very much C.S.Cameron! as always, very helpful!!! – code geek Jul 17 at 15:06

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