When I am browsing on Firefox{installed through Mozilla's site}, I have (say) 2 tabs opened. I am reading on the second tab. When I want to go away from my computer for a few minutes, I click Ctrl+Tab to go to the first tab. And then I press SUPER+L (to lock the screen). But while the animation of "the curtain falling down" plays, the preview of the firefox window in the background shows the full page of the second tab. This happens even after I have closed the second tab before moving away! I consider this as a privacy risk, because of some unexplainable circumstances.

EDIT 7TH JULY: Now I am experiencing the above problem across different apps too! Right now I was [fullscreen] on firefox, but app-2 was in the background[minimized MORE THAN 10 MINUTES AGO!]. But when I pressed Super+L, the preview of the app-2 along with the preview of the firefox tab (which I was on just before I had minimized the app-2) was shown, during the aforementioned animation. That is, the entire preview of my computer screen from more than 10 minutes ago was shown!


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