I upgraded succesfully my Ubuntu 18.04 default amd64 distribution to Ubuntu 20.04 amd64. On both Ubuntu 18.04 and Ubuntu 20.04 I was able to encrypt files with gpg from the default files filemanager program. Yesterday I additionaly installed cinnamon on my Ubuntu 20.04. After installation of cinnamon and reboot of my machine I was only able to decrypt encrypted files with Nemo (default filemanager of cinnamon). I was not able to encrypt new files with Nemo, because Nemo has only a decrypt mouse option and not an encrypt option (both option are available in files filemanager programma of gnome). Now, I can only encrypt files from the commandline with the command:

gpg -c <filename> 

What do I have to do to add an encrypt option to Nemo?


See issue howto to build nemo extension nemo-seahorse version 4.4.0 without libgnome-keyring-dev When you follow the steps in the link to install the latest cinnamon desktop and install the nemo-seahorse package you can encrypt and decrypt files from nemo filemanager. The problem is now solved.

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