I am running ubuntu 18.04 LTS and I notice there is no cd/dvd burner. I write click on a file and there is the option to open with disk image writer. I can write to a hard drive but not to the CD/DVD.

When I copy files to the CD burner in the first place, they are present there but there is no option to write or burn them. My DVD burner is a LG M Disc and it works in Windows. I am able to see files in ubuntu from this reader.

Having said this, I never installed any CD burner software like Brasario. It looks like in 20.04 LTS there is a CD writer but aparrently not in 18.04.

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    Brasero is very efficient and user friendly. Where is the problem exactly ? Commented Jun 30, 2020 at 15:45

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CD/DVD burning softwares are not included by default in recent versions of Ubuntu, as many recent computers do not have a optical drive, and their usage is declining.

However, many burners are available for free in the Ubuntu repositories. You can use Brasero, a free and efficient CD/DVD burner. Here's how to install it.

GUI Method: Open Software Center, and search for Brasero. Click the install button, and enter your password.

Command line method: Open a terminal and enter the command

sudo apt install brasero

It will ask for your password, but the password won't show up in the terminal for security. Press enter after entering your password.

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