I dont want to login into my user account, do su - root and login as root. I want to directly run root user as I am habituated with it.

Any idea? I set password of user sudo passwd root as root. However I cant login.

I want to login from here https://imgur.com/gallery/gATs2SH

  • My user account is only shown in login page – Dipesh Sunrait Jun 30 at 10:15
  • This help me get root from terminal @Kulfy not login screen – Dipesh Sunrait Jun 30 at 10:21
  • @DipeshSunrait I linked How to enable root login? whose top answer pretty explains that. OTOH, question liked by Mark explains logging from terminal. – Kulfy Jun 30 at 10:25
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    Logging into a GUI as root is not a wise idea (security wise), and is not possible at all with Wayland for this reason. – guiverc Jun 30 at 10:25
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    "Is there way to run every command as sudo" You can use sudo -i in a terminal to give that specific terminal a persistent root session, then you don't need to keep typing sudo every time but once you close the terminal, you need to get root access again. – Mark Kirby Jun 30 at 10:51