i have ssd and booting take still very long in ubuntu 18.04 it doesnt take so long enter image description here

  • You may make a graphical plot to have the full overview: systemd-analyze plot > boot_analysis.svg. You can then view the plot with your image viewer, e.g. eog boot_analysis.svg – vanadium Jun 30 at 9:37
  • @vanadium Here ibb.co/8BfysNN – volfase Jul 1 at 20:36
  • Information should be added to your question. Use "edit". Perhaps instead you could add add systemd-analyze critical-chain which provides similar summary info in text format. Check this: askubuntu.com/questions/1013830/… – vanadium Jul 2 at 6:26
  • here ibb.co/yPhqBBh – volfase Jul 9 at 18:19
  • Copy text in terminal and paste in your question (use "edit"). Format as code. It is not useful to add important information to the comments. – vanadium Jul 9 at 18:31

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