We are setting up a software called IP SLA responder on a current ubuntu server 20.04 LTS. In the manual, it says following sentence:

Best if you don't configure any vlans and leave the interface offline, so linux or the nic won't eat up your packets. This is best used if you want to support same IP address on multiple VRFs.

We just didnt configure an IP address on the corresponding NIC and let the application handle the IP stuff. Issue here is, that the comunication is very unreliable. Lots of packets are dropped. This is a VM and there is no issue with the other NIC that is set to DHCP and we use for management purposes. So im guessing this has to be a configuration/software issue.

So we are new to linux and dont really understand the phrase: "leave the interface offline" Can somebody shed some light on this, what this means in terms of configuration? Is there a command that accomplishes what we need? We couldnt find anything online about this.

Link to the software manual where we got the instructions: https://github.com/cmouse/ip-sla-responder

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