First, I'm a Linux noob so please go easy on me.

I've been trying out different distros and I'm currently trying Xubuntu. I'm liking it except there's some weird stuff going on with the audio. Mostly it's my speakers crackling on and off, which is annoying but not my top concern at the moment.

What I am concerned about is that about a couple hours ago, for about 5-10 seconds, I heard this sudden weird background sound I couldn't really decipher, almost like people talking mixed with weird effects (explosion maybe? it was kind of a garbled mess). I checked the audio mixer and it said noise was coming from "Chromium" which I was not only not using and as far as I can see I don't even have.

I was browsing a game on the Steam store when it happened so I thought maybe it was a trailer playing but nope, none. I had Firefox running but none of my tabs were playing audio either, nor would they have been running any audio ads since I had uBlock on.

I did have my PS4 controller plugged in which for some reason registers as an audio device, but that wouldn't make any sense as an audio source either.

Sorry if this sounds like a dumb ramble. Like I said, I'm not too Linux savvy yet so I'm not sure which actions to take. I guess I'm just wondering if this is something to be concerned about or if it might just be some weird glitch. It only happened once, so I'm thinking it's probably the latter, but I'd just like to make sure.

Thanks in advance.

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    Steam and many other applications use Chromium Embedded Framework to provide a cross-platform internal browser that can be used for GUI and more, so it could've been Steam. – l3l_aze 2 days ago

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