Just installing Ubuntu 20.04 desktop on a virtual machine to do some python development on, since I'm a beginner I don't want to break my main system. Creating a virtual machine(VMware) from a burnt ISO and from the ISO image, I'm not even asked for any installation options, I'd really like a light weight install but there's no option for a minimum install, I didn't even get asked to setup my hard drives just straight into installing language packs for the 3rd time, what's going on with this?



  • Welcome to Ask Ubuntu. Option for "Minimal installation" is on the fourth screen which is titled "Install". It is right under "Normal installation". – C.S.Cameron Jun 29 at 13:53
  • If the suggestion from @C.S.Cameron is not so lightweight, then you can take a look at FAI - Fully Automatic Installation: fai-project.org – moep Jun 29 at 14:14
  • @moep: Looks interesting, will check it out. – C.S.Cameron Jun 29 at 14:30
  • @C.S.Cameron np. It's a very powerfull tool, but the documentation is not that great. But afaik the comunity behind the distro GRML use it to create thier images. – moep Jun 29 at 22:19

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