I don't have many speed issues regarding the new Ubuntu version (some slowdown on startup but nothing too terrible), but since I updated I've been noticing that the system pop-ups (the typical "Do you want to save this file before you quit" or "Are you sure you want to delete this file") are very unresponsive and take a long time to load. I've confirmed this behaviour in several programs - nautilus/thunar when asking to delete file, code editors when exiting with unsaved changes...

Interestingly enough when the pop-up shows once it's really responsive if called again (e.g. deleting two files in a row) but after a short while it becomes unresponsive again. Does anyone know any fix to this otherwise incredibly menial problem? Thanks

  • Not everyone experiences this, so it might be an issue specific to you. Provide some info on hardware and graphics card (edit your post to include it) – vanadium Jun 29 at 17:53

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