In ubuntu 18.04 desktop, I used to install gnome-open via:

sudo apt install libgnome2-bin

So that I could open a folder from terminal via command line, e.g:

gnome-open /mnt/star/note

But, seems in ubuntu 20.04, libgnome2-bin is not available, so how can I install gnome-open, or how can I open a folder from terminal via command line?


Another solution found is:

xdg-open /mnt/star/note

Seems xdg-open is available on ubuntu 20.04, by default.


Try to use:

gio open /mnt/star/note
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    This is good, but I have just found another solution: xdg-open /mnt/star/note, both works. – user218867 Jun 29 '20 at 11:28

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