I installed the 12.04 LTS but cannot get my two monitors working. The latest nvidia-current drivers installed, but i just cant set proper resolution. My card is a geforce 520 1 DVI 1 VGA. With the nvidia drivers installed i can set the DVI monitor to 1600x1200 but the VGA no further than 1360x768 (with nvidia-settings).

Without the nvidia driver (using the nouveau) it doesn't work either. This same issue i had with 11.10 and i had high hopes for 12.04.

  • anyone? this problem is really annoying. – user57162 Apr 27 '12 at 10:55

This was my solution to a similar problem: First, I used the nvidia drivers. Second, it's strange, but I changed the frequency of the second monitor (working fine with resolution 1280 x 1024), I saved the configuration, I logged out and logged in, and then, the resolution I was looking for appeared for the main monitor (1680 x 1050). Hope this can help.

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