When I start up the PC, it goes straight into a command type screen similar to Ctrl + Alt + F3 but it has no writing. I no longer have a home screen area to login into too but unsure why. The system keeps telling me to do apt --fix-broken install. When I do so it prompts me to do install new packages. When I do this I get an errors when processing nvidia-340 message. Sorry, the explanation isn't good but I'm unsure how to solve this issue. Also cant add images on mobile due to file size, sorry!

  • Can you reach grub command line? – parsa2820 Jun 28 at 15:58
  • 1
    One problem (there may be more) seems to be broken video drivers. Consider searching this site to see how to boot your computer using nomodeset. – Organic Marble Jun 28 at 15:58
  • I'm very new so unsure what a grub command line is. I can basically only do what I have stated in the post unfortunately. Not sure what else I can do! – NaeMoney Jun 28 at 18:56

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