How do you update the default location for Screenshots in Ubuntu 18.04+?

Note: There is a similar question @ Default save directory for gnome-screenshot?. But the accepted answers are not so clear, so a separate question for easier accessibility.


Note: I have tested this in Ubuntu 18.04 but this works in Ubuntu 20.04 as well.

First disable the default screenshot shortcut from settings:

Disable default screenshot shortcut

Create a custom keyboard shortcut in the settings:

Name it gnome-screenshot, put the command as gnome-screenshot as well

Shortcut value : enter the key [Print Screen]

Create a custom shortcut:

Create a custom shortcut

Now enter into dconf-editor (Install it if you do not have it yet). Go to: org -> gnome -> gnome-screenshot -> auto-save-directory: Change the auto save directory's custom value to the one you want.

Enter the custom path:

Enter the custom path

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