I was trying to enable GPU for tensorflow and I ended up with reinstalling GPU drivers, but I messed up the system. The computer (Ubuntu 18.04) does not open now. When I reboot it says:

[TIME] Timed out waiting for device dev-disk-by\x2duuid-CAB8F5E2B8F5CD47.device.ice.
[DEPEND] Dependency failed for /mnt/Fantom

Sometimes when I reboot it gives a similar error:

[DEPEND] Dependency failed for Hyper-V KVP Protocol Daemon.ices-virtual-misc-vmbus\x21hv_kvp.device.

Fantom is my external hard drive's name. I cannot type anything or open the command line using Ctrl+Alt+F1. If I wait like hours it pops up an error saying that The system is running in low graphics mode and gives 4 options, but I cannot click or choose any of them. I also tried pressing the Shift button while opening, but it did not open the GNU GRUB menu.

I was basically following the steps here :

How to install NVIDIA.run?

When I reboot the system at step 5, I started to get these errors.

Thanks in advance!


enter image description here

low graphics error:

enter image description here

depend 2:

enter image description here

depend 3:

enter image description here


I solved the problem with following steps:

  • Make a bootable usb for Ubuntu
  • Select USB as the first boot option in the BIOS menu
  • While rebooting it goes into GNU GRUB menu
  • Select recovery mode for the version of Ubuntu in which you get this error
  • Select 'dpkg' - repair broken packages
  • Select 'failsafeX'
  • Once you can open the desktop, you can reboot to exit safe mode.
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