There are two machines connected to each other via network cable. One is notebook Ubuntu 12.04. Another is NAS Western Digital with a Debian.

The NAS has some files shared via samba. I am not sure how it is called but under Windows these files are accessible via path \mybooklive\public. I know there is NFS - probably it is preferable over samba...

So, how to get my files accessible from Ubuntu when a cable is plugged?

In nautilus menu Go/Network, you should see your NAS. Click on the right icon and it will be mounted.

You can access to it in a terminal here : $HOME/.gvfs/...

  • I see another PC, but not the NAS there. – Pavel Vlasov May 3 '12 at 14:59

For using from local LAN:

If you are unable to mount the WDmycloud on file, you need to just go to the network connections -> ethernet (only if you are directly connecting NAS drive to PC) -> edit any available connection -> In IPv4 settings -> Make Method = 'link local'.


You will be able to find the Wdmycloud in browse network option!

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