I have a Xubuntu Live USB with persistence on my pendrive and I want to do a specific network setup that should be persistent. I use this method now but I've tried some others:

Ubuntu 18.04: How to create a persistent dummy network interface

Unfortunately, I have to execute systemctl restart systemd-networkd after reboot, because I can't see new, dummy interface since then. Is this because I use live USB? Is it possible to keep such network settings after restart without need to restart systemd-networkd?

  • So, NetworkManager is making my settings not persistent? I would like to have a dummy interface, so in such case I need to disable NetworkManager, because I cannot configure such interface in NetworkManager. – Cob Jun 25 at 13:56
  • Thank you. I have managed to do the proper setup and persistent setup using netplan. – Cob Jun 25 at 14:37

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