I would like configure a wired Ethernet port to support 802.1X authentication.

hostapd supports 802.1X authentication. How do I use hostapd with NetPlan?

NetPlan supports the auth section for interfaces including key-management: 802.1x, however these settings appear to be for configuring the (WPA) Supplicant side of 802.1X (ie accessing a protected interface).

I would like to create the protected interface.

The current hostapd installation installs ifupdown support. Of course this is not useful for NetPlan.

The additional twist is that we are using renderer: NetworkManager on a server (due to configuring a cellular (gsm) modem).

  • Ubuntu 18.04
  • NetPlan
  • NetworkManager
  • 802.1X protected interface
  • hostapd

In my personal opinion, I never understood why one wants to configure the network via metplan, when both supported renderers (systemd-networkd and NetworkManager) have their documented (and sensible?) ways to allow users to configure them. Meaning, why would you write a netplan yaml, when you could use nmcli and keyfiles in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections directly?

So my answer would be: just configure the profile in NetworkManager. NetworkManager supports 802.1x port authentication. For example use nmcli. Create a profile of type ethernet and add 802-1x settings. See man nm-settings.

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  • Thank you @thaller. The settings from NetworkManager look similar to the built-in settings for NetPlan. I think these settings are for authenticating to an 802.1X interface on Ethernet. Rather, I'm looking for the opposite. I want the Ethernet interface to be the Authenticator (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IEEE_802.1X). I believe these settings are for being a supplicant. Please correct me if these settings can setup an Authenticator. – Duane Murphy Jun 23 at 13:24

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