Now I am using Ubuntu 20.04, but now I want to install Windows 10 alongside my 20.04 LTS. I am trying to make a partition but I can't make it. Can you tell me the solution? When I try to install Windows, it shows the disk is a NTFS file, Windows can not install on this drive.

What is the solution?

  • UEFI or BIOS system with Ubuntu in UEFI or BIOS boot mode? Windows has to be in same boot mode, but instructions lot different if UEFI or BIOS. And Windows should be in same boot mode as Ubuntu, particularly if on same drive. And Microsoft has required vendors to install Windows in UEFI boot mode since Windows 8 released in 2012, so UEFI preferred if newer hardware. – oldfred Jun 22 '20 at 14:32

Installation of the dual-boot system:

  1. Important: first install windows, then install linux!!

  2. Format the hard drive by yourself (for example with acronis disk director). Create one primary MBR bootable ntfs partition and install windows on it:

    | windows c:                                        |
    | ntfs                                              |
  3. After installing windows resize (by yourself again) the partition to 20 Gb (it should be enough) and move it to the third place, add the first and second partitions (primary MBR too). Make the linux root partition bootable:

    | linux swap | linux root | windows c: | linux home |
    | RAM x2     | 10 Gb      | 20 Gb      | any        |

    Fourth partition - user's files linux home or windows d: (primary MBR too). In the later versions of linux you can instead of the swap partition use the file in the root partition (in windows this is the pagefile.sys on the disk c:). Some motherboards require an efi partition (100 Mb is enough).

  4. Specify in the c:\\boot.ini file, that windows was moved to the third partition:

  5. Install linux without worrying that windows will stop working after that. Further operations with the hard disk (if necessary) perform from linux, or using external bootable software.

It is better if the first 3 partitions are located on the separate ssd disks, and even better - on removable ones, but in this case you should set boot sequence in the BIOS of the motherboard.


The easiest way
first backup important data
i suggest removing ubuntu then try to install window 10 first after the installation of windows 10 install ubuntu 20 again this time select on install alongside windows 10 this will install window 10 with ubuntu after the installation restart your pc you will see a menu called grub
in the last you will see windows 10

now you can run windows 10 alongside ubuntu
by other way like resizing main extended partition ext4 will not work as window 10 will install and it will stop ext4 partition to stop loading and will load window

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