I'm synchronizing my keyboard leds to cycle color with my mouse this way: cd /home/&USER/Docuemnts/g203-led; sudo g213-led -fx cycle all 20000ms && sudo ./g203-led.py cycle 20000;

here there are instructions to set a service: How do I run a single command at startup using systemd?

Github to g203-led: https://github.com/smasty/g203-led

I want to setup a service that run at startup and on wake. But the problem I have is that the g203-led is not part of Ubuntu software. I don't know if I should do cd path/to/script in a service or if there are better ways to set this up.

I guess the service would look like this but I don't see targets for wake-up from suspend.

Service file

Description=Logitech led service

ExecStart=sudo /home/$USER/Documents/g203-led/leds-start

WantedBy=multi-user.target, wakeup.target

Sh file

cd /home/&USER/Documents/g203-led;
g213-led -fx cycle all 20000ms && /home/$USER/Documents/g203-led/g203-led.py cycle 20000;

Found this: Run a command as su after every wake from suspend

So my last question would if someone can help set it up in a more clean manner if possible because I think being it on Home folder it is delaying it and making the keyboard and mouse not sync properly. Autostart works fine but it won't work on wake from suspend. I know g203-led is out of Ubuntu repos but if someone is kind to help me anyways.

Current service file

Description=Logitech led service
After=basic.target suspend.target hibernate.target

WantedBy=multi-user.target basic.target suspend.target hibernate.target

You can configure the Logitech G203 Lightsync mouse with the following (20.04):

Install ratbagd (system daemon to introspect and modify configurable mice):

sudo apt install ratbagd 

Install Piper:

 flatpak install flathub org.freedesktop.Piper

Add the missing mouse id to /usr/share/libratbag/logitech-g102-g203.device


Restart ratbagd

sudo systemctl restart ratbagd.service 

Run Piper, and I was able to set resolution, buttons and RGB effects.

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