what is the easy/minimal way to remotely(over the Internet) connect a Ubuntu 20.04 system from another Ubuntu 20.04 system? I have tried team-viewer any-desk in the past.

But is there a native way to remotely(over the Internet) connect a Ubuntu 20.04 to another Ubuntu 20.04 within the Ubuntu's applications/sources/out-of-the-box?

Looking for a step by step practical approach..

  • you could also use Remmina Remote Desktop Client (GUI) which has 3 different options RDP, VNC and SSH and is already installed on Ubuntu 20.04 – kannzzmm2 Jun 19 at 13:05
  • @kannzzmm2 Ok.. I saw Remmina Remote Desktop is installed. I will go through it.. Thank You!!! – UnKNOWn Jun 19 at 13:08


I think it is easy to use ssh. Install openssh-server in [at least] one of the computers, and log in with ssh from the other computer or transfer files with sftp or simply via the file browser.

Several users have found the following link useful in order to run graphical programs via ssh -X,

What is the simplest way to have remote GUI access to Ubuntu 16.04 “server” from Ubuntu 16.04 “desktop”?

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  • This method will run in terminal windows and/or open graphical windows in your client computer's desktop envrionment. If you want a virtual desktop there is for example VNC or the tools you describe. But it is not as simple to set up. – sudodus Jun 19 at 13:04
  • If via the internet, you have to set up a good firewall and you should use authentication with keys.That is important, and not quite straightforward, but there is a detailed description at the Ubuntu help pages. – sudodus Jun 19 at 13:09
  • yes via the internet only.. Thanks for the links.. seems I have to spend good time to night to read the links you provided. Thank you somuch.. – UnKNOWn Jun 19 at 13:10

On the system you want to connect to:

  1. install "vino" package. The entry for "Desktop sharing" should appear somewhere in the menu.
  2. You have to set some configuration parameters for vino-server, but probably the only way to do it is via dconf-editor (the GUI to set these parameters has been removed long ago), so you have to install it too if it isn't already installed. In dconf, goto /org/gnome/desktop/remote-access and: a) set authentication-methods to ['vnc'] b) set prompt-enabled to false c) set require-encryption to false d) set vnc-password to base64 encoded value of the password you want to use to connect
  3. Start vino-server by clicking the desktop sharing entry from the menu.

On the other system, use any VNC client (eg. Remmina, which is installed by default) to connect.

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  • Yes, this will work over the Internet if you have either a public IP address or have VNC port (5900) forwarded on your router so that it is available from the Internet. It's like with any service. However, you must keep in mind that this works as long as the GNOME session is logged in and running on the machine you want to access. If you log out or reboot the machine, then access will no longer be possible, as vino-server will stop when you exit the GNOME session. – raj Jun 23 at 12:04
  • I don't know how the target machine (the one you want to connect to) is connected to the Internet, so it's hard for me to help. If you don't know how to determine your machine's IP address, or how to (if needed) forward ports on the router, there's too little space here to describe it. There is a lot of information about it available on the Net, google for "how to determine my IP address" or "how to forward ports on the router". This is not particularly Ubuntu related, this is general network knowledge, so you may try to ask on some networking forum about it. – raj Jun 23 at 17:49
  • I have both the systems located at 400km away. Each have different local internet connections.. both connected with wifi routers at homes.. – UnKNOWn Jun 24 at 6:58
  • So you need to access the router of the target machine and set on that router forwarding of port 5900 on your machine to the Internet. I can't tell you how exacly to do it because it depends on the router, you need to consult the router manual. You need to know the local (private) IP address of the Ubuntu machine for that, use the command "ifconfig" on target machine. You also need to know the public IP address of that router, you can obtain it by going to whatismyip.com from target machine. Then you should be able to use that IP address in Remmina to connect to your desktop. – raj Jun 24 at 14:01
  • seems promising but I am really afraid of IP addresses.. Is it Ok to test the procedure with below case.. I mean rite now I have two systems.. but with same wifi router.. I mean I am at home with two systems.. is it possible to test your way with this setup? – UnKNOWn Jun 24 at 14:08

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