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How do I set Windows to boot as the default in the boot loader?

i want to use windows boot manager instead of Grub to boot into ubuntu 11.10

1.Grub looks something like this:


ubuntu(recovery mode)

memory test

memory test

windows 7

2.windows boot manager looks like this:

windows 7


so windows boot manager looks more neat than Grub, my problem is that i forgot how to install ubuntu 11.10 such that it uses windows boot manager to boot with windows 7 as the first option on the boot menu.any help?

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Changing from grub to Windows boot manager is a bit complicated. You should stick to Grub to avoid complications.If you really, really want to change then look below.

There is a programm for windows called easy bcd. Install it when running windows and the proceed a described in the following link:

how to use easy bcd


see this link for an another way to do it.


I don't know how to modify the Windows boot manager to add an entry to boot Ubuntu. But another option is to use EasyBCD to boot GRUB and then boot Ubuntu. I tried to outline how to do this in this answer.

Note that this does NOT boot Windows directly. Instead, the Windows boot manager boots GRUB so you go from the Windows menu to the GRUB menu.

While I don't know if it is even possible to boot Ubuntu directly from the Windows loader, I am sure this is not a good idea. Mostly because Ubuntu does not know how to (or want to) update anything other than GRUB when a updated Linux kernel is installed.

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