I am really stuck on this one - please help. I have an openVPN server running on Ubuntu 18.04.

I have a Macbook running as a client.

The Macbook connects to the VPN server without problems if it does it through the same ADSL router using the Ubuntu ip

If I try connecting through an alternative network connection - say an iPhone hotspot I can't connect.

Logically, the Macbook client needs to know how to connect to the VPN server if it is not connecting through the same LAN as the server. How do I achieve this? How can the Macbook "find" the VPN server if its not on the same DSL router

  • This seems like a basic networking question, not Ubuntu-related. 10.* addresses are non-routable: They only work when both machines are on the same LAN already. Your client must connect to the public IP address (the router), and Port Forward that connection (it's a setting on the router) to the OpenVPN server. – user535733 Jun 12 '20 at 12:04

True it is a networking issue but it stopped me using the openVPN server on my Ubuntu system. Resolved as follows: In the end the answer was simple - my lack of knowledge on networking! All that was required was to set-up port forwarding on the DSL router - in my case I am using an old Netgear router - so I had to set-up a service for the port (1194) and then change the firewall rules to allow that service. It should be easier on a more modern Router hope this helps others stuck on the same issue

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