I was not able to formule a question so maybe this was already solved, and if that's the case, sorry. But I found a huge vulnerability on my computer. It's a portable computer with a Win10/Ubuntu 20.04 dual boot. When I'm logged in, and that I lock my session, this sends me to the login screen, okay. But then, if I do Ctrl+Alt+F3 to go to the terminal mode, and then do Ctrl+Alt+F7 to leave terminal mode, this simply unlocks my session ! It doesn't work at computer start though, the session must be started and locked. Note that when I close my computer this doesn't lock my session even if it's activated in the settings. This is a critical vulnerability but it's doesn't work at all on my friend's computer which is also a Win10/Ubuntu 20 dual boot. I don't know why this happens to me, any idea of solving this ?

Thanks for you time

  • Definitely not normal behavior. You would have to look in logs to see what happened (crash of window manager...). But any sensible response would require to know make/model of computer (or mother+graphics board), and the video driver used. – xenoid Jun 11 at 6:57

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