In the help system for terminal in Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS, under Terminal>Working with Text the following is stated:

Save contents

You can save all the output from a Terminal tab or window to a text file. This may be useful if

you have to submit the terminal output as debugging information.

Go to File.

Select Save Contents….

Choose your desired directory and enter a filename.

Click Save.

Under File, I see only New Tab, New Window, Close Tab and Close Window. How do I get the save contents command to appear in the UI? If the help system is not authoritative, what is an authoritative source of information on the Ubuntu gnome terminal?

I did see this helpful post as a workaround, but I am wondering whether the help system out of date or whether the UI has a defect.

  • Ubuntu version ? – Liso Jun 11 at 3:13

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