After installing logid/logiops I have decided I no longer want it since my mouse functions perfectly fine and thought it would bring other extra benefits

I followed the installation steps provided in the readme of this github repo. I cloned the repo in my home directory and continued with all the steps provided in the readme

How do I delete it?

I have tried to do sudo apt remove logid or logiops but nothing works

  • How you remove software depends entirely upon how you originally installed it. Please edit your question above to clearly explain how you installed the software. Links to any instructions that you followed would also be very helpful. – user535733 Jun 7 '20 at 17:53

If you followed the instructions you have installed the logid daemon in /usr/local/bin and you enabled this with systemctl.

To remove, work backwards, first stop the daemon and disable its automated starting:

sudo systemctl disable --now logid

This is essentially enough to not further make use of logid. If you want you can remove the binary:

sudo /usr/local/bin/logid

and the sources (check if there is nothing important under logiops first):

rm -rf ~/logiops

That apt remove didn't work is because you did not install this from a .deb package.

  • "/lib/systemd/system/logid.service" should also be deleted – ocroquette Apr 9 at 18:58

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