i just made a decision and deleted windows partition but now i have windows 10 in grub menu although i updated grub my windows 10 and ubuntu both of them installed as EFI systems and i know both of them had a partition they used but i dont know how to delete windows boot files to delete windows completely from grub and my UEFI firmware

this the screenshot from gparted

as you see /dev/sda2 is efi partition what should i do?


The reason for the Windows entry in grub boot menu is that there is still an EFI entry for it in the EFI partition, e.g. a folder /dev/sda2@/EFI/Microsoft. If the Windows partition has already been deleted, then the Microsoft folder in the EFI partition can also be removed.

After removing the obsolete Microsoft from the EFI partition and running update-grub the Windows entry should disappear from grub boot menu.

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