this is my first time asking a question here and if anyone could help me solve it, I will be very grateful (I am quite beginner). I have Ubuntu 18.04 in my HP Pavilion Laptop 15-cw0002la with AMD Ryzen 5 processor. When I press the power off button or even in the terminal typping "sudo shutdown -r now", my laptop's screen is off, but the light is still on and it keeps running, then I need to press the power button for 5 seconds to turn the laptop off.

I have tried everything in the following web pages and still doesn't work. Ubuntu 18.04 stuck at shutdown https://unixmen.com/fix-shutdown-power-computer-ubuntu-14-04/

Specially changing



GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash acpi=force"

and to

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash noapic"

  • Show me sudo dmidecode -s bios-version. Start comments to me with @heynnema or I'll miss them. – heynnema Jun 6 at 21:44
  • @heynnema, it says ´F.35´ – David xie li Jun 6 at 22:11
  • Are you using Ubuntu? Which release? – Pilot6 Jun 8 at 17:09
  • @Pilot6 I forgot to tell, I ended up installing Debian 10, sorry, I am very new at this – David xie li Jun 8 at 17:21
  • So, this question is now off-topic at this site. Changing distros rarely helps to solve hardware problems. – Pilot6 Jun 8 at 17:22

HP Pavilion Laptop 15-cw0002la

You have BIOS F.35.

There's a newer BIOS available, F.42, dated Dec 11, 2019, and can be downloaded here.

Note: Confirm that I've got the correct web page for your model #.

Note: Have good backups before updating the BIOS.

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  • I have already installed the new BIOS on the windows dual boot side, but now when I enter to Ubuntu still can't power off, but now there is also no wifi or sound. Help :( – David xie li Jun 7 at 21:56
  • @Davidxieli Did you undo the changes that you made /etc/default/grub and then sudo update-grub? Did you reset the BIOS and then check individual BIOS settings to assure that they're correct? – heynnema Jun 8 at 0:16
  • I am going to ask it in a question apart, thanks a lot – David xie li Jun 8 at 15:41
  • @Davidxieli Why not finish this question? Check the settings in my prior comment first. – heynnema Jun 8 at 15:45
  • already checked, all good, the only problem left is that it doesn't detect the wifi, only ethernet works – David xie li Jun 8 at 16:34

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