Would there be a way to emulate the Desktop as a Terminal i.e. XTerm, so you can type in bash on the desktop?

I want some form of window manager that does that exactly.

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If you mean to type bash commands on the desktop you can use the guake terminal.

Screenshot of guake

Install via the software center


I don't know any window manager with this feature, but you can try YaKuake (for KDE) or Tilda (for Gnome), drop-down console which is always accesible on your desktop..

  • People never mention Stjerm which is sad. It's like YaKuake, Tilda or Guake just with verly low footprint. Try it!
    – turbo
    Jun 21, 2012 at 21:13

I use the terminal for Screenlets

You can make a terminal that is transparent without a border that does not move, so it is just like a part of your desktop.

  1. Install Screenlets from software center

    Install via the software center

  2. Download the Terminal Screenlet from

  3. Open up Screenlets and Click Install and select the downloaded terminal Screenlet package to install.

enter image description here
4. Click on Terminal and then on Launch/Add to add new terminal

5.Right click in the terminal => go to Properties => Options to get to the options to style the terminal, the terminal on the right in my picture was styled so the background is transparent(Options Transparent Terminal and Amount=0) place it where you want, resize it under Sizing and remove the border under Sizing => Border Width.

6.To make it start on startup check the box in the Screenlets Manager "Auto start on login" enter image description here

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