I have a slideshow running on my desktop (which is stored in ~/.local/share/shotwell/wallpaper/wallpaper.xml) and which also is shown in the lock screen.

Since 20.04, there is a blur effect on the current image in the lock-screen.

I only found solutions how to use another image on the lock-screen without blur, but that would remove the slideshow.

How do I remove the blur but keep the slideshow?


There is a Extension called Control Blur Effect on Lock Screen..

Control Blur Effect - Gnome Shell Extension

By default the Settings of the Extension make the Blur Sigma Value to 0, This means you can see the wallpaper without any Blur Effect.

Optionally you can Control this value and Brightness value too from the Extension Settings..

enter image description here

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  • You can open the settings page for the extension with super (=Windows-key) and then enter the word "extension" into the dialog – rubo77 Jun 5 at 15:25
  • Strange: sometimes I still have a blur effect on the lock screen, sometimes not :-? – rubo77 Jun 21 at 18:57
  • I too observed when I close the laptop and open after sometime.. suspend action must be disabling the extension.. – PRATAP Jun 21 at 23:19
  • But that's okay For a Variation, the Blur looks interesting too – rubo77 Jun 22 at 6:06
  • yours is a desktop or laptop? is it the similar case like suspend or some other thing? Can I reproduce the same with you? – PRATAP Jun 22 at 6:12

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