I want to know how to setup xRDP for Ubuntu 20.04 in Windows Hyper-V? Tutorials for Ubuntu 18.04 doesn't seem to work. I am using the ISO that I downloaded.

These are the tutorials I used. They all basically say the same thing...


Apparently Microsoft haven't added support for 20.04 yet. There is a pull request on GitHub but it is yet to be merged. However, you can use it.

To set up xRDP for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS,

  1. Disable "Auto Login" if you enabled it.

  2. Open a terminal and issue the following commands.

    wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Hinara/linux-vm-tools/ubuntu20-04/ubuntu/20.04/install.sh
    sudo chmod +x install.sh
    sudo ./install.sh
  3. After you’ve run your scripts, shut down your VM. On your host machine in an Administrator PowerShell prompt, execute this command:

    Set-VM -VMName <your_vm_name> -EnhancedSessionTransportType HvSocket
  4. Start your virtual machine and connect. You will be greeted with a connection prompt windows that asks for a screen resolution--this will indicate that everything is installed correctly. vmconnect

  5. This will take you to a Xorg login. This indicates that you've successfully brokered a connection and that the xrdp service is running. Login to begin your session. xrdplogin

  • This almost works for me. I can see a login session with my name. When I mouse over the HyperV window, the Windows cursor is hidden. However, the cursor on the linux desktop does not move, and I cannot make it take click events. When I keep moving the mouse, the Windows cursor shows up again outside the window. I'm presumably missing some mouse driver module, but which one? The status icons on the bottom say "keyboard captured" and "mouse not captured," and I can't change them. Ctrl-Alt-Rightarrow does nothing. – Jon Watte Oct 7 '20 at 21:47
  • I'm working with sensitive data and so do you know about the security of this setup i.e. could this expose my VM to public internet or even my organisation network through RDP? Or is it just my local computer ie. host OS win 10? – rize Dec 18 '20 at 8:10
  • I would also add that it doesn't work well with the image from Quick Create. At least, it didn't work for me, and I'm not the only one. – Stefan Golubović Dec 21 '20 at 13:40
  • I get to the final screenshot, login in and just get a black screen – JimLohse Jan 9 at 17:14
  • @JimLohse Do you have autologin enabled in Ubuntu during install – Sasuke Uchiha Jan 9 at 23:18

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