recently after updating to ubuntu 20.04, Ubuntu suddenly uses a lot of ram more ram than it used to. In daily usage, it has gone from using like 5GB of ram to like 11GB I don't even run that much. All I basically run is Firefox with about 8 tabs in general and a bunch of addons. I also run some JetBrains IDE whether that is pycharm, phpstorm or even rider. It still manages to eat up ram to about 11GB. Does anyone know any tools I can use to see how I can decrease the ram usage? Even something that will try and decrease ram usage for me.

Edit 1: Here is the output of free -h


Edit 2: Here are the other 2 outputs sysctl vm.swappiness


Edit 3: here is snap list and ls -al

snap list

Edit 4: here is gnome extensions ls -al local gnome extensions global gnome extensions

  • Edit your question and show me free -h and sysctl vm.swappiness and top (after you've seen the memory usage increase). – heynnema May 31 at 19:27
  • Also show me ls -al ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions and ls -al /usr/share/gnome-shell/extensions. – heynnema May 31 at 19:28
  • 1
    linuxatemyram.com – Michal Przybylowicz May 31 at 20:32
  • Status please... – heynnema Jun 1 at 2:38
  • You can see which program is eating up your memory via Gnome system monitor or Htop Some Gnome extensions had some bugs in the past that caused high memory usage . It also might be the Xorg server that uses that much mem. – Parsa Mousavi Jun 1 at 11:06

Check and ajust content process limit in Firefox preferences.

enter image description here

In my case I unchecked "Use recommended performance settings" and reduced the limit from 8 (which was default and is still "recommended") to 1. Firefox stopped eating RAM. But twitch and youtube streaming in multiple tabs had noticeably degraded and almost became unusable. Later I increased the number to 4 and I didn't notice increase in RAM usage but browser was able to properly render heavy content again.
After the entire day in Pycharm and Firefox my RAM is only 46% full instead of 90+% that I experienced during previous couple of months.

For reference, specs of my laptop are intel i5-8265U (4 core, 8 threads) and 16 GB of RAM.

My case was really similar because I also use Pycharm (maximum heap size set to 4gb), latest Firefox with 8-10 addons and 10-100 tabs (when I closed all but 5-6 tabs, Firefox didn't free RAM) and a couple of more lightweight apps on my Ubuntu 20.04. So I hope my answer qualifies as proper answer.

The downside is I was not able to use any tools to inspect and resolve the problem. Almost pure random.
Buttons in about:memory didn't reduce the RAM usage from ~10GB level even if I left only one tab with some lightweight html page (Hacker News, for example).
about:performance was useless as well, it didn't show high RAM usage.

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