I'm trying to get input to work so that I can remote control Myth with a Sony PS3 remote control. The remote pairs okay - but none of the buttons on it work.

I've added uinput to /etc/modules - but that hasn't made any difference. I've also tried launching uinput manually by entering 'sudo modprobe uinput'. No errors are reported when I do that - but when I then enter 'lsmod | grep uinput', nothing gets returned.

I'm perplexed. Various forums suggest that uinput is broken on Ubuntu - but surely that isn't the case, is it? I'm running 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot.


Okay, part of the the reason is that uinput is compiled into the kernel - so of course lsmod won't show anything! On the other hand though, this still doesn't explain why key presses from the remote control aren't being detected. If I learn anything new I'll be sure to pass it on.


Try sudo apt-get install blueman and connect the device with 'Bluetooth Manager'.
This not loaded the uinput module, but your Sony PS3 remote control could work.

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