I have a simple sftp server to exchange files with friends. Whenever someone drops file into it, they're the sole owner of that file and I cannot delete it without using sudo, so I want to run a simple cron job to change all permissions every 5 minutes.

So I start with

sudo crontab -e

then at the very bottom of the file I add the following

5 * * * * /bin/chown myself:sftp_users -R /mnt/sftp/files/

I expect the folder owner to be changed to myself:sftp_users every 5 minutes, unfortunately no matter how long I want, nothing happens.

It's probably something silly, but what am I doing wrong?

I'm running Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS

  • ext4 and mounted through fstab file. If I run /bin/chown myself:sftp_users -R /mnt/sftp/files/ logged in as myself it works as intended – ProTofik May 31 '20 at 1:14

The time specification

5 * * * *

runs once per hour, at 5 minutes past the hour. To run every five minutes, you would need

*/5 * * * *

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