I recently moved from MS Excel 2007 to LibreOffice Calc (now using Ubuntu 11.10) and there are some things that I still cannot do in LibreOffice Calc. One of these things is formula autocompletion.

In Excel, if I type "=av", Excel shows me a list of formulas, and then I can hit the TAB key to autocomplete the formula. In LibreOffice Calc, if I write "=av", it shows me the alternative "=AVERAGE" but if I hit TAB, it does not autocomplete. The cursor simply moves to the next cell.

Is it possible to configure LibreOffice Calc to autocomplete formulas by hitting TAB or some other shortcut?




Works like a charm.

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  • That couldn't have been so obvious... Even though, I've never tried that out =$ ... Thank you! – Rafael Apr 23 '12 at 20:21

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