I work with Ubuntu Desktop 18.04

Furthermore I have Windows 10 and MacOS working with multi desktops. I know how create a new one and how move through them

An important observation is that for each laptop is that each one has a secondary monitor. I am able to open any application (editor, window explorer or finder, terminal console, an IDE - etc) and move it to the secondary monitor. Therefore some applications are in the primary monitor and others in the secondary monitor.

The point here is, for each Desktop, I am able to have in the primary and secondary monitors any application. If I pass through these Desktops each Desktop respects and keeps isolated the same set of applications opened and distributed through the primary and secondary monitors from the beginning. Again it for each Desktop.

After to did do a research to accomplish the same goal in Ubuntu, I did realize that multi desktop is referred how workspace. Well, I am able to move through them with Ctrl + Alt [up|down].

Problem: all the content (app) opened in the secondary monitor is shared through all the workspace, therefore the apps are not isolated through each workspace.

In Settings -> Devices -> Displays there is no a special settings to have the same behavior like the two other OS

How to fix this?


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Install gnome-tweaks (it was named gnome-tweak-tool before)

  • sudo apt update
  • sudo apt upgrade
  • sudo apt install gnome-tweaks

To execute gnome-tweaks open a terminal and execute gnome-tweaks

It opens a dialog, it has a vertical menu located in the left, in the the bottom select the Workspaces and do click in the Workspaces span displays option. Therefore that option must have now a black arrow now (how a check).

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    works like charm. Thanks man
    – Terminator
    Oct 23, 2020 at 15:52

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