I run win10 with 18.04LTS VM on virtual box. I am not experienced in VM's but have a need for linux (personal use) so I thought vBox was the only solution.

I have 2 discrete graphics cards so i want to passthrough one of these to the ubuntu VM (also for my application to leverage this, and to explore/learn from using the GPU HW)

I believe my hardware is all supported (CPU / 2xGPU's discrete / Motherboard w/VT-D) but i cannot find a clear guide for my goal: GPU passthrough to ubuntu VM.

My questions: 1) Does this work? (GPU passthrough win10host --> ubuntu 18.04LTS guest) 2) Is there a clear tutorial/guide on this? 3) KVM or vBOX? (I have a vague impression KVM, which I have no experience with, is the better solution)

Any other help or feedback would be greatly appreciated

Update: 5/31/2020

Hi all, i just wanted to make clear that i am not using this env for gaming. I work mostly from win10, but want to accelerate matlab and python inside my linux guest w/GPU pass-through.

After some further reading, im unable to determine if virtualbox has any solution for my guest/host. Instead, it might seem VMware vSphere or Workstation-Player might support pass-through.

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