i'm gonna preface this by saying that i'm a new linux user, i joined circa 2 months ago, as such, i don't know too much about linux and its distros, but i've already got some tools like dconf and gconf-editor, gnome-tweaks, etc.

what i want to do is move the desktop icons so that they don't get overlayed by the taskbar.

in the following examples i represent the icon grid as a series of red squares.

see examples

i did google what to do, but the only things i could find were about icon spacing, scaling, taskbar icons, tl;dr i couldn't find anything fitting to what i want to do.

maybe it's not even possible to do that, but i have no idea.

also, on a sidenote that's unrelated to this: why is some basic funtionality, such as desktop icons not enabled by default?

  • Just a remark: this site is a Q&A site, so one single question per post. With respect to you second question, desktop icons are enabled by default in standard Ubuntu. – vanadium May 29 at 8:20
  • huh, weird, i had to enable it in both 19.10 and 20.04. – Envy May 29 at 9:47

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