Hi I have a question I have 3 application, and I want to start them when system is booting up. So i though I use rc.local file, but there seems to be a problem. It looks like application are started parallel but my applications are depended on each other, that means app1 starts then app2 starts.

My rc.locale:


dotnet /srv/DiagAC2/WebApi/MDP.Api.dll &
dotnet /srv/DiagAC2/Hub/CL.Hub.dll &

exit 0

Is there a way in Ubuntu to start application in some specific order?

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    Drop the ampersand? That one is detaching them from the script so makes those 2 parallel. Otherwise you will need to learn how to use systemd That one can start units based on other units that need to be started 1st ;-) – Rinzwind May 28 at 13:04
  • remove all ampersands? – Wojciech Szabowicz May 28 at 13:13

If you don't want to execute them in parallel you can do this :

dotnet /srv/DiagAC2/WebApi/MDP.Api.dll && dotnet /srv/DiagAC2/Hub/CL.Hub.dll 

If the first one returns successfully ( return code of 0 ) then the second one gets executed.( you can replace the double ampersand && with semicolon ; to eliminate the successful return condition)

And if it doesn't take much time to get executed , you can add that line to your ~/.profile file in order to execute them every time you log in as your user.(but it may slow down the logging-in process.)

But if it takes so much time , you should consider creating a systemd service for it and you have to add the above command to the ExecStart option of your .service file (full path not just dotnet)

If there's any better solution , I'm glad to hear.

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