I am interested in running Ubuntu 16.04 on Windows Subsystem for Linux, as it is required for a certain build environment. All that I can find on Microsoft Store is 18.04 and 20.04. Is there a way I can install from iso potentially?

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    WSL is a proprietary hypervisor made by Microsoft. We don't get to see the innards, so we don't know what's possible on it. Suggest you use a well-documented virtualization solution like VMWare or VirtualBox. – user535733 May 27 at 19:57

Refer to this article for instructions regarding how to manually download Windows Subsystem for Linux distro packages that aren't in the Microsoft store (this includes Ubuntu 16.04).

As @user535733 pointed out in the comments, WSL is a proprietary service created by Microsoft. Therefore, you will be able to do more by either using a virtual machine (VMWare or VirtualBox) or by dual booting Ubuntu with your existing windows installation.

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