How can I install Ubuntu on a MacBook Air? I want it to dual boot, is it possible?

Do I get any benefits by installing Ubuntu or Linux? Because OS X has Unix tools like bash, isn't is the same?


Yes. You can install Ubuntu on a Mac Air, you can also dual boot. There's a lot of information out there, but some good Ubuntu sites already cover what you want:

I recomend reading this two:




Good new is , Yes it is possible. the benefits I guess are distribution specific and will probably come down to which you like more. Yes they both use bash although functionally i think their a little different, or maybe its just a little more useful on linux.

As for the actual process i found a guide here

I think that unless your sure this is a procedure you are in need of , a better solution would be to try ubuntu (or another distribution) as a live CD or inside you mac using Virtualbox or another virtualization software


Apparently, the recommended approach to installing Ubuntu on a MacBook Air depends on your hardware version. I believe it is best to start with this page:


It will show you how to discover your Air's version and provide you with links to proper installation instructions.

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