I have installed the latest ubuntu 20.04 and recently noticed a bug that whenever I close my lid the screen only goes blank instead of going into hibernate or suspend. Earlier after reopening the lid, I was presented with a lock screen.

  • I noticed that there is no longer an option in gnome-settings as it was in ubuntu 18.04.
  • tried changing the values in /etc/systemd/logind.conf.
  • changing values in gnome-tweaks.
  • tried installing hibernate from sudo apt-get install hibernate and running

    sudo hibernate

    getting this error

    hibernate:Warning: Tuxonice binary signature file not found. Some modules failed to unload: nvidia_drm nvidia_modeset nvidia hibernate: Aborting suspend due to errors in ModulesUnloadBlacklist (use --force to override)

How to resolve this?

  • Solved it by changing the display manager from ligthdm to gdm3 – sandeep kumar singh Jun 11 at 5:51

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