I moved from PopOS to Ubuntu 20.04LTS because I had issues with my displays not being recognized after sleep mode (two displays are connected via 1 USB-C @ Lenovo P1). Now various programs go to deep sleep and are impossible to kill after some time. Sometimes it is the first program I open and sometimes a programs freezes after 20min. I am using Gnome 3.36.2 and Kernel 5.4. I do not really know where to start searching. I am pretty sure that it is connected to my graphics card since the internet is full of people having problems with Nvidia drivers. I am using Nvidias proprietary 440.64 and tried to mess with the Xorg config but did not succeed. I further installed https://www.displaylink.com/downloads/file?id=1576

  • I am now using the Lenovo Docking station and it seems to work. So I wonder if there is a difference in using the Docking station and using iTec USB-C to Dual HDMI Video Adapter, – AlexRust May 29 at 16:48

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