I have a dual boot system Win10 and Ubuntu 18.04, need to increase my boot partition, how can I give some 40 G home partition(p7) space to boot partition(p4)? as I tried to use GParted, while there is the grub partition between them, seems GPated is not allowing me to resize grub partition. the partition table is below:

  • p1 -- EFI p2--Msresere P3-- Baseddata(win10) p4-boot p5--swp p6--grub2 p7--home
  • Apologies if you know this already: you'll need to be running gparted from a live disk in order to make changes to the drive. And I'm sure you know this but everything you do with gparted be super careful because it's a very powerful tool and it didn't save me from myself when I deleted the wrong things :D – Rabbit May 25 at 12:27
  • 40Gb for -boot-? why?! A size of 1Gb is more than enough. – Rinzwind May 25 at 12:42
  • Are you sure. I mean 40GB is OVERKILL. Are you sure you are talking about boot and not root? – Sasuke Uchiha May 25 at 12:49
  • sorry I mean root not boot. and Thanks for all answers. for all I already – LoveLinux May 25 at 13:41

Thanks for all fast answers. and sorry for the confusion, I mean root not boot. for all I already successfully did it by shrinking Win10 partition enter image description here

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