Are fat32, vfat, and exfat really just different names for the same filesystem type? If not, how are they related?

  • Read for i in fat32 vfa exfat ; do man -k $i; done – waltinator May 23 at 22:00
  • See this link or browse the internet for more details. vfat is linux for FAT (12,16.32), '32' except for small partitions. See man mkfs.vfat. exFAT is more modern but less compatible and proprietary (owned by Microsoft). – sudodus May 24 at 2:07
  • Are there any situations that are likely to arise in modern OS's when it wouldn't be appropriate to use NTFS? – Paul A. May 25 at 1:30
  • When you want access from both Linux and Windows it is a good option to use NTFS. -- I think the support for NTFS in MacOS is not that good. And if you want fast read and write performance, Linux works better with Linux file systems (e.g. ext4) than NTFS. – sudodus May 26 at 7:16

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