I am searching for a maintenance tool that cleans up left overs, including in /home, from uninstalled applications based on the history of my uninstalls.

These leftover files can be small and therefore stay under the radar of disk useage tools, but they can also be huge (a recent baloo index on .local/share was 27 GB).

This topic has been discussed over the years, but without resolve for me. In addition to my request I want the tool to find leftovers from previous OS installations that have wiped the install history.


  • An apt removal should include all data (exceptions: /home, /etc). An apt purge should also include all data (exception: /home). Any other result is a bug in the application or the removal script. If this behavior can be duplicated reliably, then please file a bug report. Additional applications to work around a bug are not recommended. – user535733 May 23 at 18:42
  • 1
    I doubt there is a tool that can guarantee the removal of all data for any application, so good luck with that. – mikewhatever May 23 at 18:44
  • Does this answer your question? Advanced disk usage analyzing software? – N0rbert May 24 at 9:10
  • Tks Norbert, but small files are difficult to detect with the tool you have suggested, – Christians May 24 at 16:25
  • Have you tried Stacer? – DankyNanky May 25 at 10:15

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